FREE Mosquito Control Workshop

Do you worry about the health risks of the diseases that mosquitos carry diseases like Dengue, Zika, malaria and more? Do you worry just as much about the dangers of chemical pesticides and the expense of ongoing costs? Our FREE WORKSHOP is an introduction to the tips and tricks you’ll learn in the full course, and a great place to begin your journey to freeing your home from dangerous swarms of mosquitoes.

Course curriculum

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    Chapter 1

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    Chapter 2

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    Chapter 3

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    Chapter 4

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Trudy Rilling-Collins, known as “the Mosquito Lady” is the founder and driving force for Mosquito Lady Consulting. Trudy draws on an extensive education in biology, and her degree in Insect Pest Management from UC Berkeley to provide environmentally responsible mosquito control programs for homeowners, businesses and luxury tropical resorts. Over the past 10 years Trudy has worked with hundreds of homeowners, and a wide variety of clients around the world providing superior mosquito control projects completely WITHOUT chemical pesticides. Trudy is also the Director of PT Kontrol Nyamuk Hijau, an Indonesian company based in Bali.

Trudy Rilling-Collins