About Me

Trudy Rilling-Collins, known as “the Mosquito Lady” is the founder and driving force for Mosquito Lady Consulting. Trudy draws on an extensive education in biology, and her degree in Insect Pest Management from UC Berkeley to provide environmentally responsible mosquito control programs for homeowners, businesses and luxury tropical resorts. Over the past 10 years Trudy has worked with hundreds of homeowners, and a wide variety of clients around the world providing superior mosquito control projects completely WITHOUT chemical pesticides. Trudy is also the Director of PT Kontrol Nyamuk Hijau, an Indonesian company based in Bali.

Trudy Rilling-Collins


What Our Clients Say?

“I moved to a wonderful house by the jungle. The first year we had no issue with the pesky mosquito. But this year has been horrendous. I was told to try the MOSQUITO LADY and OMG!! They worked a miracle with no chemicals! 2 days after they came no mosquitoes, not even for sunset or sunrise. I am so relived, happy and thankful!. ”

Residential Client


“Totally bowled over by the expertise of Trudy Rilling-Collins. Her super sleuth mosquito larvae-finding skills make Sherlock Holmes look like a baby! I love the fact that it’s a natural pesticide-free approach in dealing with mozzies and it means our frogs and other tropical critters don’t get wiped out with them!”

Guesthouse Owner